Frances O'Donnell, author of Whispers from The Tree of Life, won The Dorry

Award on September 27th  for Rhode Island's best Poetry Bookof the year. The event took place at the Aurora Club on Westminster Street, Providence, R.I. A VIP party graced the event prior to the awards that were given out.

Frances also received Honorable Mention from The Paris International BookFestival.  and another Honorable Mention forThe New England Book Festival  January, 2017.
The Historic Rhode Island Short Story Club celebrated 123 year anniversary on May 22, 2017. The Club's signature Pink Roses graced the festive occasion that took place at The Wharf Tavern, on Water street, Warren, R.I.

Our anniversary celebration began with readings of short stories, poetry and works from the members published books. Later a lunch was served with the club's new favorite desert, lemon cake and vanilla ice cream. To celebrate the historic club, Members sang The Battle Hymn of The Republic  by Julia Ward Howe, as a reminder of our founders. 

Frances O'Donnell

Our Next Meeting is October 16th at !2 noon at the Wharf Tavern, Warren RI

We look forward to more galumphing exercises that will once again entertain and tickle the creative part of the brain that promises to bring about more writing.   Our members continue to publish their books. Many are on their second and third book.                         

The RISSC  is a place where the light still burns with the desire to write, publish and support one another. We are confident to dream the dream for The Rissc's longevity and good will. Keeping the faith has become part of our signature. You can do it, is what the RISSC is about.        

 Our annual mentoring of member’s unpublished works will be read and discussed.​